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  • Phone: 888-756-7330
  • Address: 1818 N Farwell Ave / Milwaukee, WI 53202
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  • Use code “BIDNOW” for 10 free bids. Valid for new users only.

Detailed Description
SkoreIt! partners with a Fortune 1000 company to ship our auction items to you in pristine condition, and in nearly every case, by the next business day. All our auctions list exclusively brand new, unopened merchandise.

We sell BidPaks in quantities of 25-1600 at prices as low as 60c a bid.

Our auction items currently include digital cameras, cell phones, GPS & navigation, home theater & audio, and other electronics.

We carefully designed our BidAgent auto bidding service to be the least wasteful in the industry — the BidAgent will not needlessly waste bids before the timer reaches the level you specify.

Our ‘fair bidding policy’ is our solemn promise that only you, our end customer, is allowed to bid on our site.

We provide email and toll-free phone based support.

Bids Start As Low As: .60 cents

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Special Features:

  • Buy it Now Option
  • Customizable Bid Agent (you can give the Bid Agent specific instructions on when to bid)
  • Competitive Win Limits (3 wins per 24 hour period / 12 wins per 28 day period)

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