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Large penny auction websites host auctions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They tend to offer more high ticket items, but they can be tougher for new bidders to win on. Make sure you have a solidPenny Auction Strategy before bidding on these sites.

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Site Features
Beezid offers a Buy It Now option, high value beginner auctions, fun promotions, and a guaranteed first win.
Site Features
DealDash offers a money back guarantee. If a bidder doesn’t win the item, they can buy it at retail and get all bids credited back to their account.
DealDash Promotions
60 Bids for $36
Site Features
HappyBidday offers a winning guarantee and starter auctions for new bidders. They also have a Buy It Now feature on select auctions.
HappyBidday Promotions
PAL Exclusive: 50 Free Bids with code HAPPYPAL
Site Features
MadBid is open to bidders in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Spain.
Site Features
QuiBids offers a Buy Now option on every auction, an excellent product selection, FREE shipping, and international bidding.
QuiBids Promotions
3 Free Bids

Small Penny Auctions

The websites featured below are smaller sites. They offer a handful of auctions each day, and may focus on a specific niche (such as gift card auctions). Sometimes small penny auctions can be easier to win on, but there’s no guarantee. Make sure you have a solid penny auction strategy before bidding on these sites.

Site Features
OrangeBidz is a well-designed site with beginner auctions, bid free auctions, and free shipping on all auction wins.
OrangeBidz Promotions
Get 10 Free Bids
Site Features
PennyGrab is a reserve auction website with bonus and mystery prizes.
PennyGrab Promotions
None Currently