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On Black Friday, SmartBid hosted a series of “Bids Back” auctions. After receiving tons of positive feedback, SmartBid decided to make the bids back auctions a regular feature during the holiday season. As you could imagine, this makes bidding more fun and less risky.

If you’re unfamiliar with SmartBid, they host lowest unique bids auctions, so you want to be sure you understand the auction format first. The video on their site offers ample explanation.

Here are the rules for the “Bids Back” auctions:

  1. All discounted bids will be returned if you don’t win in the “Bids Back” auctions. There are only a limited amount of discount bids available – so it is important that you bid early, risk free before the auction goes to Closing Soon!
  2. These bids will be returned as free bids and you will be able to use them right away in regular auctions including the “Bids Back” auctions.
  3. All paid bids which are placed in Closing Soon period would be returned as reward bids.
  4. Also, these auctions don’t fall under win limit and will not be counted towards our weekly win limit of 7 wins.

If you want more information on SmartBid, you can visit the SmartBid directory listing.

Here are some resources for those interested in playing at SmartBid: