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Most penny auction websites offer bid voucher auctions on a daily basis. The big question is whether or not those auctions are actually worth it.

Instead of just posing the question and walking away, the PAL Team did a little research on your behalf. We used two popular penny auction websites as our control group (if you’re not sure what a control group is, don’t worry about it – we’re just trying to sound professional. All sample data comes from February 2010. During that time, we tracked bid voucher auctions at Quibids. Here’s what we found:

At Quibids, users saved an average of 73% when bidding on bid bundles.

Here’s the same data in text form:

  • Average savings on 15 bid voucher – 54%
  • Average savings on 25 bid voucher – 76%
  • Average savings on 50 bid voucher – 71%
  • Average savings on 100 bid voucher – 52%

So does this mean that bidding on bids is wise?
Not necessarily. In fact, there are some disadvantages to winning voucher bids. Quibids won’t count your voucher bids toward the Buy it Now price. This ultimately means less of a safety net because the value of your voucher bids is NOT being put towards the item’s retail price.

At the same time, the numbers clearly indicate that users save consistently when they participate in these auctions.

What do you think? Any thoughts or data to share?