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You’re not alone.

Did you know that billions of dollars worth of giftcards go unredeemed every year?

If you’ve been bidding on penny auctions for a while, you may have acquired some giftcards that you don’t want, don’t need or can’t use. The Penny Auction List has a few suggestions for making the most of those giftcards.

1. If you have giftcards that you don’t want or need, you can find someone you can give them to.
We’re convinced that the deals you score from penny auctions should lead to a spirit of generosity. Find someone around you who would benefit from a giftcard.

2. If you have giftcards that you can’t use, you can sell them online for cash.
The giftcards that are most practical (Walmart, Target, etc.) are often the hardest to win. As many of you know, sometimes the best winning strategy is to bid on less desirable giftcards. At the same time, that often leaves you with a giftcard that you need to drive 70 miles to use.

There are several trustworthy sites out there that will buy your unused giftcards at a discounted price. Consumer Reports recommends PlasticJungle and Cardpool. You can visit their sites by clicking on the images below.

If you have other giftcard ideas, please post in the comments section below.