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In the penny auction community, we know we’re the new kids on the block (not the band of course, they reside here). There are several prominent penny auction directories that have been around longer than us. Generally speaking, here’s what they have in common:

  1. They are useful.
    We’d be lying if we said otherwise.
  2. They are ad-ridden.
    When it’s hard to find the content between the Google ads, we begin to ask ourselves some questions.
  3. They are bloated.
    More content does not equal a better site, but it does mean a better search engine ranking.

Penny Auction List has never sought to copy (or replace) those directories. We decided early on that we would march to the beat of our own drum. Instead of being reactionary, we hoped to set the bar for other directories (we’ve seen evidence of this as of early February, but we’ll leave the discussion at that for now). To achieve these objectives, we started with a top-notch site design. We set our focus on a clean, modern, standards-compliant website that even a web designer could appreciate.

That being said, we would like to share some exciting news. Several web design galleries recently featured the Penny Auction List for its strategic design. We are currently showcased on: