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In case you haven’t heard, QuiBids (see QuiBids directory listing) recently gave customers a sneak-peek at their new site design.

Our team sat down to look over the changes QuiBids plans to implement, and to highlight ways that you can benefit from these changes. There are three improvements we thought were worth mentioning.

1. Past Auction Statistics Will Be More Accessible
If you let past auction results guide your bidding habits, QuiBids’ new design will give you the ability to see past auction data in a more convenient way. More specifically you will be able to see the end price of past auctions for the same item, bids placed by the winner and the winner’s total savings. All of these statistics will help you bid more strategically and determine which items offer the best value on a regular basis. See the screenshot above for a preview of this feature.

2. More Intelligent Sorting Options
In the past, its been somewhat difficult to sort QuiBids’ auctions in a meaningful way. The new site design will allow you to sort auctions by their end time, retail value and more. This can be especially helpful if your targeting items in a certain price range, or if you have time constraints on your bidding.

3. Better User-Driven Organization Options
QuiBids’ homepage lists somewhere in the range of 30-50 live auctions at any given time. This can be somewhat inconvenient if you’re interested in or participating in multiple auctions simultaneously. The new site design will allow you to drag-and-drop all of the auctions on the homepage. This means you can rearrange the auctions to your liking, instead of opening all the auctions in separate browser windows. It will also eliminate the need for excessive scrolling.

All in all, the new design looks promising. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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