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QuiBids, the world’s leading entertainment shopping website, recently opened their electronic doors to Italian bidders.

QuiBids Italia is another strategic move on the part of QuiBids, who continues to strategically pursue the international market. As of June 2013, online bidding is open to individuals in the US, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Austria, Germany and Italy.

In other words, you can travel to some of the most popular international destinations, and keep your bidding habits alive as you experience the world. Better yet, you could buy a house in each country and establish yourself as the world’s first international power bidder.

You heard it here first.

In QuiBids’ official press release, Josh Walker, QuiBids’ Director of Customer Support, emphasized the important role that customer service plays in QuiBids’ continued success. He said:

Since our initial expansion into the European Union, we’ve had much success and an incentive to continue offering our services to additional markets…Customers outside of our current markets are constantly asking us if they’re eligible to sign up and bid from their countries…We understand the importance of customer service not just with current customers, but also prospective customers in markets we might not even be in yet.”

If you doubt QuiBids’ wisdom or popularity, you should take a quick look at their Alexa rank. Though Alexa is an imperfect metric, the numbers they provide can help you gauge the popularity of a given website. QuiBids’ currently ranks at about 2,500 internationally, while Gmail ranks in the 6,000 range. That’s rather significant, in our humble-but-clearly-biased opinion.

With a proven business model, time-tested technology, and gaming elements, QuiBids may end up rivaling Caesar in its popularity. Their dedicated Italian Twitter account will help too.

At the very least, QuiBids’ continued expansion will help us sell more copies of our book internationally.

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If you have any input on QuiBids expansion to Italy, please post it in the comments below.