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Penny auctions SkoreIt! and Beezid announced today that they are joining forces.

Visitors to are now being redirected to a page with the following message:

We are proud to announce that SkoreIt! has joined forces with Beezid — One of the most popular penny auction sites in the world.

Beezid offers more features, promotions and events than anywhere else on the web!

It doesn’t get any better than this…. See for yourself!

So far, we’ve heard both positive and negative feedback from the penny auction community.

SkoreIt! was considered to be one of the larger sites in the United States, but Beezid continues to demonstrate their commitment to being the industry leader.

Last year, Beezid purchased reverse penny auction site BidBlink, and more recently they’ve hosted extensive multi-day promotions, offering lucrative bid deals and implemented a Buy it Now option.

To the credit of both sites, transferring your SkoreIt! bids and user account is a seamless process.

So what do you think about this move? Are you excited for the partnership, or do you have concerns about these changes?