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We recently interviewed, a new penny auction website (currently in BETA) that is set to launch on August 1. Cash Arena will have a variety of unique auction games, all of which payout real cash to the winner.

Here is the transcript from our interview:

What is Cash Arena? is the all new cash penny auction. No longer do users need to wait for their favorite item to go on auction, nor do they need to bid on items they may not even want! Now they can bid on cash auctions of up to $250, win Coloritas along the way and play fun mini games.

Who is Cash Arena? is operated by CoMoGa, an international corporation with offices in Canada and the Czech Republic.

CoMoGa was responsible for one of the first successful penny auctions in the Czech Republic, CoMoGa is owned and founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have put together a passionate team around the globe with the goal to make a simple, one page, action-packed penny auction that takes users beyond the typical penny auction model.

What sets Cash Arena apart from other penny auction websites? is a cash penny auction, so instead of bidding for products one might not even need, users can bid on real cash. Not only that, but as users bid they can win Coloritas which they can use in the mini games.

Explain the different games that Cash Arena will offer.
In the Reward Game users can convert their Coloritas into more bids or cash, and as they covert, different reward levels unlock. The trick part is knowing when to convert. As users bid, the rewards start to slowly increase until one user converts. Then everything is reset back to the starting point! So it is smart to wait a bit and watch the rewards grow, but you must convert before someone else does or you will just end up back where you started.

In the Lowest Unique Game users can bid their Coloritas and try their chances at winning $1,000. The square or squares with the lowest amount of bids more than zero will win $1,000. If more than one user wins, the prize is split among the winners.

Of course we plan to add more fun mini games in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

How much do bids on Cash Arena cost?
Bids are at $0.70 at the lowest bid package. The higher the bid package you purchase, the less the bids cost in general as you earn some extra bids.

Are you currently offering any bid promotions?
Until August 1st, when we go live, we are offering a free BETA round. After registering, users simply contact us once a day for 135 free bids. At the end of the week on Sunday when the auctions close, the top 10 users with the highest winning amount will win REAL bids to use when we go live.

What is your long term vision for Cash Arena?
We hope to bring penny auctions to a new level. Not only setting an example to the industry by being honest and transparent, but by going beyond what current penny auctions offer. Even if you don’t win the auction you were aiming for, at you can continue your fun with the mini games!

The Summary

  • Cash Arena will host cash penny auctions.
  • The site is in BETA until August 1, 2011. Users can register and request 135 FREE bids each days until August 1.
  • Cash Arena will offer Reward Games and a Lowest Unique Game as well.

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