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Beezid, one of the world’s largest penny auctions, recently launched a redesigned website.

Dubbed “Beezid Without Borders,” the new design went live on July 15 and incorporates a variety of user-friendly features. Site improvements include:

  1. A cleaner overall layout
  2. Revamped product categories for improved auction filtering
  3. A My Account drop-down section that gives users easy access to their most important account information
  4. A streamlined Help Section that provides tips, strategies and other important details in a more logical fashion
  5. An enhanced Search feature
  6. Clever updates to the Auto-Beezid feature

Max Bohbot, Beezid’s CEO, had this to say about the new

…the goal was to give our members the absolute best user experience, and I think by freshening up fan-favorite elements, and introducing new features, we’ve done just that.

Mr. Bohbot walks users through some of the new site features in the video below:

Founded in 2009, Beezid has maintained a positive reputation in the penny auction landscape. These recent improvements demonstrate their commitment to continual improvement.

If you’ve never played at Beezid before, they offer a variety of features that new bidders can appreciate. Here are a few reasons to consider trying your hand at a Beezid auction.

Cherry Auctions
These auctions are available to new bidders only. This means that you’ll go head to head with other newbies such as yourself, instead of taking on the bid sharks early in your penny auction career. Our advice is to target lower value Cherry auctions, but we’ve also compiled a strategy article for higher value Cherry Auctionsthat you are free to consult.

No Sting Guarantee
Beezid wants you to win, and because of that, they offer Guaranteed Win auctions. If you participate in an auction as a beginner and you don’t win, Beezid will return those bids to you until you are victorious. Learn more about Beezid’s concessions here.

Exclusive Promotions
Best of all, Beezid offers Penny Auction List readers are special introductory offer that includes 10 FREE bids and a doubling of your first bid purchase. To take advantage of that offer, click on the button below and use the Beezid Promotional Code PAL2X.

Visit Beezid Today

To learn more about Beezid, visit their website or call 1-877-4-BEEZID.