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We recently had the opportunity to interview, a penny auction website that launched on Memorial Day weekend. NailBidder is also offering an exclusive Penny Auction List promo code. Enter coupon code “PAL” to get 5 free bids with the purchase of your first bid pack.

Here’s the transcript from our interview:

Now that NailBidder has officially launched, what should we expect?
Excellent customer service is a top priority for us. Bidders can expect fast and free shipping (UPS Ground) on all auctions. Any auctions that end over $25 will be upgraded to free UPS Overnight shipping.

How much will bids cost at NailBidder?
Here is a breakdown of bid costs:

  • 30 for $25 = .83 cents a bid
  • 50 for $35 = .70 cents a bid
  • 100 for $70 = .70 cents a bid
  • 200 for $120 = .60 cents a bid
  • 350 for $210 = .60 cents a bid
  • 500 for $300 = .60 cents a bid

Will there be any bid promotions or referral opportunities?
We’ve created an exclusive Penny Auction List coupon code. To receive 5 bonus bids:

It will take you to the purchase bids section, after you purchase your bid pack the account will automatically be credited 5 extra bids. Purchase of a bid pack is required for this coupon code to work.

If you have any problems please call us (877) 294-2102 or send an email to info[at]

What type of items will you be auctioning?
We will have a few categories of items; gift cards, computers (laptops), iPods, iPads, TVs, game systems and other consumer electronics. Most of our auctions will be in these areas.

How many auctions will you run each day?
We will run 5 – 15 at first. That number will grow as we grow.

As you know, there are many penny auction websites to choose from.
What makes Nailbidder unique?

Our site came about by searching the internet for complaints about other sites. I can’t give away all our secrets but I can tell you this much…no more waiting 6-8 weeks for a product, our in house guarantee assures that every product is in our facility in New York before it is put on our site. Due to this all items are shipped the next business day via UPS ground allowing us to get your product to you faster. We will also provide real up to date tracking via a tracking number, which means no more questioning where your item is.

There is absolutely no shill bidding or robots. As matter of fact, every employee and investor in NailBidder signs a contract stating that them and their 6 direct relatives (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter or Son) cannot be a member of the site. This rule is strictly enforced and monitored closely.

You will also find only name brand products on our site. No more knock off or low end electronics.

Many more secrets to come, so please check out our site at Also, follow us on Twitter @ or on Facebook. Where we will be revealing some more surprises over the next few weeks.

The Summary

  • Bids cost as low as $0.60
  • NailBidder offers FREE UPS Ground shipping and tracking numbers on all auctions
  • Auctions ending over $25 are upgraded to FREE UPS Overnight shipping
  • Toll-free customer service number (877.294.2102)
  • Use the exclusive coupon code “PAL” to receive 5 bonus bids with your 1st bid pack purchase

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