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We recently had the opportunity to interview YouNeverLose is a well-designed penny auction website that stays true to its name by guaranteeing each bidder a risk-free penny auction experience. In other words, YNL promises every bidder will either save money or break even.

This is a concept that many bidders have been longing for, and we’ve included a interview with YNL explaining how this gravity-defying business model works. The interview also includes an exclusive YouNeverLose promo code for 5 free bids.

Better yet, YouNeverLose has even offered PAL readers the chance to win dinner and a movie (a $50 Card and 2 AMC Movie Tickets).

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So without further adieu, here is the interview transcript:

Tell our readers about
Who founded the site and what factors led them to do so? was founded by brothers-in-law Zak and David along with their mutual friend, Barry. Zak and David had long envisioned a penny auction-style site where you could play in live auctions to win things at incredible discounts, but without losing money each time you bought bids. Barry, who has over 20 years of experience in the gift card business, helped the pair sketch out a plan for an auction site where players would get reimbursed for every dollar they spend. How? By receiving equal value gift cards of your choice, sent in the mail with free shipping.

What makes YouNeverLose unique in the penny auction landscape?
The brilliance of is that points, or ‘bids’ as you call them, are essentially free. For every dollar you spend on points to play in the auctions, you get an equal value gift card – of your choice – sent to you with free shipping. You then use your points in penny-style auctions to play to win more gift cards at fabulous discounts. So, even if you lose an auction, you’re not out any money since you have that equal value gift card to use as cash.

All auctions on are for top-of-the-line gift cards like Amazon, AMEX, Apple, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and more. Hey, the no-risk method of buying points makes playing on YNL a no-brainer!

If points are free, how does your business model work?
It works like this: Retailers want shoppers. They want you so badly, that they’re willing to sell gift cards at lower-than-retail prices just to get people shopping at their stores. was created by an industry insider – Barry – who has years of experience in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. YNL created a happy medium where shoppers are guaranteed a great deal, and stores get new and loyal business. Think of it as the world’s greatest win-win.

How much do bids cost at YouNeverLose? Are you currently offering any promotions?
Points, or bids as you call them, are essentially free on Instead of buying points, you buy gift cards (from retailers like GAP, Kmart, Bath & Body Works and more) and get them sent to you with free shipping. For every dollar you spend on gift cards, you get a point to play in YNL auctions. So if you buy a $25 Old Navy gift card, you get it sent to you with free shipping, plus you get 25 points to play in YNL auctions. So your points are essentially free!

Right now PAL readers can receive an EXCLUSIVE bonus 5 points just for signing up!

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What types of products can bidders expect to see on
Gift cards, gift cards and more gift cards! And the reason is simple: you get to choose what to buy rather than bidding for an item. “Have it your way,” as the saying goes. You buy amazing gift cards when you get points, and then you play for even more amazing gift cards (think Mastercard/VISA, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Exxon/Shell and Target) in the auctions. Imagine getting gas for 40 cents a gallon, iTunes for a nickel and a Starbucks latte at 20 cents a cup. And whatever happens, you can’t lose any money.

What’s your vision for
All of the fun, none of the risk—-that’s the goal. YNL’s vision is to make every online shopper a RAVING FAN who simply can’t get enough of scoring terrific gift cards at huge discounts. is here to serve YOU. So there are several ways to spread the word and gain extra benefits in the process. It’s fun and easy to play and win auctions without the fear of losing money. So come get in on the action!

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