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In case you haven’t heard the news, Beezid recently acquired reverse auction Bidblink.

Here’s Beezid’s official press release:

Penny Auction site has announced the acquisition of longtime industry stalwart BidBlink has been in business since 2009 and recently ceased operations, redirecting their site to The two companies have worked closely together to ensure that transferring BidBlink bids to Beezid is a quick and easy process that can be completed in a few clicks.

“We’re very excited to welcome BidBlink users into the Beezid community,” said Beezid CEO Max Bohbot. “It’s an exciting time for all of our users and an opportunity for BidBlink users to make a fresh start and experience all the perks being a member at Beezid provides.”

Beezid is one of the top sites in the Penny Auction world and has launched innovative promotions in the past, including the widely celebrated “Black Friday Bonanza,” “Birthday Bash,” “Back to School Special,” and many more. The addition of BidBlink users to the Beezid family will provide opportunities for bigger savings to more users than ever before.

“BidBlink approached us during a time of need, confident that Beezid was best equipped to take care of their members and we will do all that we can to honor that commitment,” Bohbot went on.
Beezid already has a large base of members and an ever-growing Winners’ Circle, where happy winners display their pictures and testimonials.

“It is because Beezid possesses everything needed to take care of every single one of our members that we approached them”, said BidBlink CEO Ryan Smith. “We are grateful that they are honoring our members’ bids, as well as providing them with an exciting offer to help them get started,” he added.

As BidBlink users transfer their account over, Beezid has committed to honoring every single bid remaining in their accounts, as well as provide them with an offer to double up on their first purchase. They will also have access to Beezid’s Cherry auctions, which are exclusive to new users, seeing as they have never participated on the site.