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The month of November marks HappyBidday’s fourth year in business.

This milestone is a significant achievement in the penny auction business world, as many large and well-funded sites have long since closed their doors or sold out to their competitors. The funeral list includes penny auction giants Bidcactus, SkoreIt! and Wavee. And let’s not forget Swoopo — the pioneer of online penny auctions. Even they had to call it quits.

All this to say — only a few sites have reached the four year mark, so HappyBidday has very real reasons to celebrate.

So what makes a penny auction site successful? HappyBidday credits their growth and sustainability to “honest business practices, quality products, timely shipping and supportive customer service.”

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If you haven’t played at HappyBidday, November may be a good time to start. They will celebrating with some fun promotions including:

  • Free Bidding
  • Bonus Promo Codes & Bid Pack Discounts
  • Prices Freezes on Select Auctions

As with all penny auctions, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of each auction. HappyBidday offers Buy It, which removes some of the risk for bidders (if you don’t win the auction, you can get all your bids back when you buy the item at retail price), but winning at a high traffic auction like HappyBidday requires some strategy and luck. Don’t make newbie mistakes or you’ll be the one crying at the birthday celebration.

To stay up-to-date with all that’s happening in November at HappyBidday, visit their birthday celebration page. You can also see HappyBidday reviews over at their directory listing.

If you win any fun items in the celebration, share the good news in the comments below.

Use Code HAPPYPAL for 50 Free Bids