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Penny Auction List recently interviewed Amy, a penny auction bidder from the Big Apple.

Amy’s favorite penny auction site is Bidfire, so most of her bidding advice relates to what she has learned from her experiences on Bidfire.

Here’s what she had to say:

Penny Auction List: How long have you been bidding on penny auctions?
I stumbled upon Bidfire in January 2010 when I was doing a Google search for a cheap PS3. I never knew about penny auctions, so I checked out Bidfire. To my amazement, I was fascinated on how easy it was to bid on that site and win items. I won a few items using a few bids. Each bid cost one dollar. After winning, they sent the item so quick. I usually received it in three days after winning. Their customer service was awesome. I asked a question once and a few minutes later, I would had a response. I read about some scam auctions and was afraid to try out other sites so I stayed with Bidfire.

Penny Auction List: What have you learned from your penny auction bidding experiences?
Amy: Unfortunately, in March 2010 a lot of people joined Bidfire…making it very difficult to win with a few bids. So I started looking for another auction, but I ended up with a bad experience. (Please see the auction that I would not recommend for details.) I did not try any other sites after this one.

I make my decision about whether or not to bid on auctions after looking at the closed auctions, to see who keeps on winning and how much the item would go for. It’s funny how the people that used to win in January 2010 are no longer the experts. There are new bidders playing with different strategies and the old bidders can’t compete with them. Sometimes, I just watch the auctions and do not bid. I never bid when those bidders are there. I realized I win when they aren’t there.

Penny Auction List: Do you think bidding on bid packages is a wise idea? Why or why not?
To this, I would say if you can win with only three to five bids, go for it. Sometimes on Bidfire, I see people using two hundred bids to win one hundred bids. This is not a wise decision. You are losing two hundred bids and in return, you are short of bids anyway. I won bids once using only two bids!

Penny Auction List: What penny auction sites would you recommend to others?
I would only recommend Bidfire because that is the only site that I know that doesn’t have an auto bidder, so you are definitely competing with others. The customer service is excellent and they send the items quickly. They love suggestions and recommendations. They are friendly and do an outstanding job in everything, especially Eric. He always responds to my emails so quickly!

Penny Auction List: Are there any penny auctions you would not recommend?
I joined a site called BidonCash. I wanted to see how it would turn out. I did not check out the closed auctions, but now I do before joining a site. It’s one dollar for one bid and I purchased one hundred bids. I was kind of excited because the site looked very easy to use. I realized it was my mistake for joining this site. The reason why I am on Bidfire is because they do not have auto bidders. I saw that on BidonCash, there is an auto bidder called BidJames. You don’t know who is using it.

This was the only other penny auction site I joined just to try it out. I thought people were sitting there and competing against me but I was wrong. Then, after losing the hundred bids, I saw that bidders could win three auctions a day and these people that I competed with won each day using more than one thousand bids! Why would you use one thousand to two thousand bids just to win one hundred dollars? I was counting the bids when I was playing manually and it reached more than one thousand bids. So I contacted customer service and told them my experience that I lost all of my bids because of the three auctions a day and they closed my account. I know this site is not a scam because the same bidders are on different penny sites. On those sites as well, they run the autobidder and use a lot of bids. Unless you want to use one thousand to two thousand bids to win one hundred dollars, then BidonCash is for you.

Penny Auction List: Is there anything else you would like to share with fellow bidders?
Please be very careful when joining an auction site. Some of them are scams. If you decide to bid, bid with caution. Make sure you know who you are playing against. Watch the site first and see how they play. Check out the closed auctions and see who wins and how much the item goes for. As always, use a strategy to win. Good luck!

The Penny Auction List would like to thank Amy for graciously donating her time for this interview. We believe that real bidder interviews offer new penny auction bidders unique insights they can use on their road to success. Feel free to post any comments or questions below.