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Penny Auction List recently interviewed Paula, a bidder from the state of Alabama, to ask her a few questions about penny auctions.

Here’s what she had to say:

Penny Auction List: When did you first hear about penny auctions?
Paula: About a year ago.

Penny Auction List: What are your favorite sites to bid on?
BidPigs, RagingBid, Nitrohawk, CheapOh, BidNuggets and BiggestPennyAuction are just a few that I like.

Penny Auction List: Do you have a budget for penny auction spending? If so, how do you stay within your budget?
I only buy bids when I can budget them in or when I can get a deal at PennyAuctionCoupon!

Penny Auction List: Tell us your best penny auction success story.
I won my biggest auction on BidNuggets and that was an iPod Shuffle. I won that for my son’s 7th birthday and I’m listening to it now as I type my responses to the interview questions…lol.

Penny Auction List: Do you have any advice for new bidders?
Paula: Watch out for those power bidders – they’re crazy. Look at sites that have good reviews, get advice from other bidders, stock up on bids and just have fun.

The Penny Auction List would like to thank Paula for graciously donating her time to participate in this interview. Feel free to post questions or comments for Paula below.