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  • Address: 409 Ranchlands / Bushkill, PA 18324 / United States
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Detailed Description
Being the leader in PennyAuction Innovation, has options like Bargainbucks and rewards points. We have all the latest and greatest auction features – INCLUDING DUAL AutoBidders – We are the only website on the Internet to offer BOTH a PowerBuddy and a standard BidBuddy. Our Auction Types include Beginners, Open, Nailbiter, Free-Style, No PowerBuddy, Fixed Price, Naked Auctions, Penny Pincher, Rewards, and Rush Hour.

We also have a Twisted Buy-It-Now Feature that turns itself on and off as the auction progresses!

Inner-Loop Auctions prevent new bidders from joining the auction after a certain (random) point!

Our Timers are also quite different at – 1st and foremost our timers will never go much more than a minute after they fall below that. Even with a Bidbuddy and PowerBuddy War the Clock will only go to about a minute. We are also one of the only sites on the internet that not only has the standard timer increase clock (bouncy clock) where time is added to the auction clock (up to about a minute) but we also have a Sticky Clock where it will always return to a set time period like 15 or 20 seconds.

Win limits on are also completely different than what you might expect. There is no more weekly/monthly reset needed, each auction stays in your list for a set period of time and then drops out. Daily, weekly and monthly limits apply to both categories and the entire system.

About the only thing we haven’t put our own little twist on is the registration process. That is the same everywhere!

Bids Start As Low As: .50 cents

Special Features:

  • Dual Autobidders
  • Inner-loop Auctions prevent new bidders from entering the auction after a certain point
  • Many unique auction formats (see detailed listing above)
  • Twisted Buy it Now feature (turns on and off randomly)