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  • Address: 569 N Mountain Ave Ste B / Upland, CA 91786 / United States
  • Phone: 888.492.5129
  • Email: info [at]


Detailed Description
Orangebidz is an online auction site that provides users with a fun, fast paced venue for online shopping. Introduced in 2011, OrangeBidz offers daily penny auctions consisting of brand new, brand name products.

We offer bid packs in quantities of 30-500. Members can take advantage of our “daily deal” which offers anything from discounted bids, to free gift cards.

Aside from the standard auction format, other types of auctions that we offer are: Beginner Auctions which are exclusive to members with 5 or less wins. Bid Free Auctions where users can place bids at no charge, only paying the final auction end price. Cash Back Auctions where users will receive a designated amount of bids back once the auction has ended. Buy-it-Now Auctions which allow users to apply the cost of their placed bids toward the retail value of the item. Fixed Auction where the user does not have to pay the final auction price. Special Event Auctions where Orange will go all out, offering something new and incredible, sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

We offer new members free bids for joining, along with our A+ customer service and lightning fast shipping, which is always free.

Bid Cost: .60-.75 cents

Special Features:

  • Beginner Auctions
  • Bid Free Auctions
  • Cash Back Auctions
  • FREE Shipping

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