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What is QuiBids?

QuiBids is a fun, fast-paced auction website where shoppers can score popular products at absurdly low prices.

As the leader in entertainment shopping, they auction items such as MacBooks, smart phones, HDTVs, gaming consoles, movies, kitchen appliances, designer bags, other electronics and more.

On, each bid costs $0.60. These bids are pre-paid and placed in your account. When you place a bid, a maximum of 10-20 seconds is added to the timer – to give someone else the chance to bid if they’re interested. This is similar to the “Going Once…Twice…SOLD” approach of auctions. If no one else bids and the timer reaches zero, that means you’ve won a sweet deal!

QuiBids eliminates losing, thanks to the “Buy Now” feature. Any time a user participates in an auction but fails to score a deal, he or she can choose to buy the product for a discount using Buy Now. This excellent feature helps to limit bidding losses, and guarantees bidders will never have to pay more than the Value Price for any products on QuiBids.

Free Shipping is also included on the website, making it an excellent place for new and experienced bidders to play.

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Contact Information

  • Phone: 405-253-3883
  • Address: 4th NE 10th, Suite 242 / Oklahoma City, OK 73104
  • Email: Click here

Bid Cost: .60 cents

Special Features

  • Buy Now Option
  • Free Shipping
  • QuiBids Achievements & Games

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QuiBids Strategy Tips

Cheaper products often go for cheap.
As a beginner, you shouldn’t be targeting high-ticket items such as TVs, laptops or iPods. Start with smaller items and work your way up the food chain.

Bid like you mean it.
It usually takes more than one bid to win, so convince your opponents that you’re willing to compete and your odds of winning may increase. If you jump from auction to auction, you’ll burn those bids quickly and you’ll have nothing to show for it.

Purchase Penny Wise.
This comprehensive guide will take you from beginning to winning. Written by a penny auction pro and former journalist, Penny Wise will help you win more often and save more dollars.

Read our bidder interviews.
There’s much to learn from the experiences of others. Hear what real bidders have to say about their experiences at QuiBids and other penny auction websites.