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Penny Auction Interview: PennyWizard

by Josh on December 7, 2012

PennyWizard is an online penny auction website open to American and Canadian bidders. Read our interview with PennyWizard and get 10 free bids at signup...
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Penny Auction Spotlight:

by Josh on March 5, 2012

Read our interview with YouNeverLose, a well-designed penny auction website that stays true to its name... Read full story

Penny Auction Spotlight: Bid-Bob

by Josh on May 21, 2011

We recently interviewed the president of, a new penny auction launching on May 19th. Bib-Bob is currently offering 10 free bids for registering and 20% off all bidpack purchases... Read full story

Penny Auctions & BBB Accreditation

by Josh on September 29, 2010

Should all penny auctions pursue Better Business Bureau accreditation? Read full story

Do You BidonCash?

by Josh on July 19, 2010

Do you BidonCash? If so, check out our interview with one of their founders and share your experiences...
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Penny Auction Spotlight: Nailbidder

by Josh on June 7, 2010

Read our interview, a new penny auction website offering free shipping on all auctions. Cash in our exclusive NailBidder promo code “PAL” to get 5 free bids with the purchase of your first bid pack... Read full story

Penny Auction Spotlight: CashArena

We recently interviewed, a new penny auction website (currently in BETA) that is set to launch on August 1. Cash Arena will have a variety of unique auction games, all of which payout real cash to the winner. Read full story...