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  2. must have terms of use that are easily accessible to the bidder. These terms must explicitly state that they do not employ shill bidding or other questionable practices.

  3. must verify their legitimacy through a testimonials page or user confirmation.

If you are a bidder considering which auction sites you can trust, look for auctions featuring the “Penny Auction Approved” badge.

This indicates that a penny auction has met our strict auction criteria. You can also refer to our Penny Auction Directory , which only includes approved auctions.

If you are a penny auction owner and would like to be listed on our site, you must meet these criteria. Please use the contact form to submit your site for review.

Disclaimer: Even with strict measures in place, we cannot guarantee the safety or fairness of any penny auction website.

This directory is provided purely for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement of any particular site. encourages users to research sites first and bid with caution.