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What is Quibids?

With deal-hunting and deep-discount websites on the rise, you may have heard of a new bargain website called QuiBids... Read full story...

Vouchers Key to QuiBids’ Solving Swoopo Paradox

July 17, 2012

Eric Stix, a 2012 graduate of Brown University, recently published his research on QuiBids auctions. This post helps you interpret his findings, and provides tips for developing a QuiBids voucher strategy... Read full story...

How to Win More $25 Giftcards at QuiBids

July 3, 2012

Looking to win more $25 gift card auctions at QuiBids? Emma Stebbins, a Probability & Statistics expert, will help you develop a QuiBids gift card strategy... Read full story...

Bargains and Fun

Being the leader in PennyAuction Innovation, has options like Bargainbucks and rewards points. We have all the latest and greatest auction features – INCLUDING DUAL AutoBidders...  Read full story...